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Apache Pilot

This piece has been stolen

trav image optimised 1024x1003 Apache Pilot

Apache Pilot is a mercenary piece of art that can be bought but never truly owned. Once photographed the Apache Pilot self posts itself online for sale to the highest bidder automating payment and delivery between the previous owner and the winning bidder.

Exploring the duality of living in a world immersed in technology, Apache pilot questions the increasingly blurred boundaries we have between our virtual and physical actions and the shift in accountability or emotional attachment this buffer of technology allows us.


All bidders will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of The Apache Pilot bidding procedure.


Terms and conditions

It is the legal responsibility of the current owner and bidder to arrange payments and shipping


Once Apache Pilot has been sold the new owners details will be fowarded to you. You are now obligated to let

the Apache Pilot go and foward on a suitable collection time to the new owner.

Apache Pilot will not sell unless the bid is GBP200 more than you bought it for.


Once your bid has been accepted you will be forwarded on its previous owners details.

It is up to you to arrange collection and payment.

By placing a bid you are bound to these terms.


Whilst Invisibleknowledge has all parties best interests at heart we cannot take responsibility for any

damage or dispute that may occur between owners.

Manufactured by Invisibleknowledge.net



Below is the image taken of the Apache Pilot before it was stolen. For the touring show a miniature 3D printout of the piece has been made which can be viewed in the Apache Pilot production blog below. When a viewer scans the miniature versions QR code it tweets ‘Missing In Action’ from the viewers twitter account and links to this final image of Apache Pilot.



stolen sculpture Apache Pilot .

To view images of the production of Apache Pilot please click here >>

Apache Pilot will be touring around Scotland at various venues from the start of March. Please see the Travelling Gallery website for further details.


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