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Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops Edition

wilderness survival block mac 6 widescreen 590x400 Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops Edition
The Woodland Tracker is a seamlessly crafted object with a functional purpose. In an age where people’s online space is becoming just as significant as their physical space, The Woodland Tracker allows you to monitor who is in your neck of the woods. When someone steps onto your patch the tracker will blink and rustle, signalling all of the comings and goings within your virtual space.

For the launch of the new Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops site and web presence there will be an edition of 10 of 10 Woodland Trackers made. Each one being customised to link in to their new owners web presence.

“The Woodland Tracker has the exact dimensions of the Mac mini and mirrors its design but with its obtruding branch it alludes to the wilderness of natures open spaces, drawing comparisons with the virtual wilderness of the web. The sculptor aims to illustrate how through our obsession with portable technology (mobile phones, blackberries, laptops), we are now all trackable wherever we go in real or virtual space – and to try to establish or invite a more physical link with those who are tracking us. Research garnered from The Woodland Tracker will be of practical benefit to the owner but will also facilitate consideration of how we, and the artists we work with, can communicate with our audiences.”

Irene Kernan Director Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops

For pre-order and purchase enquiries about becoming part of the Woodland Tracker network please get in contact >>>>

To keep track of how the Woodland Tracker is progressing please visit the online blog >>>>

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