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The pseudonym or brand label Invisibleknowledge was originally set up by artist David McAllister in 2007 during the final year of his MA in Interactive Arts. It was set up as a vehicle to bypass existing art hierarchies and an attempt to communicate directly with a wider audience.

Davids practice combines research into new technologies with traditional sculptural processes. He has been developing an aesthetic that he would call a made in China style. This parallels machined wooden sculptures and hi gloss seamless finishes with that of traditional dove-tailed hand-crafted techniques. In most of his work he uses the wilderness and wilderness survival as a metaphor for the wilderness of popular consumer culture.

Mark Daniels, Director, New Media Scotland

My personal vision of art to come will be that artists of the future will no longer talk about art scenes in the same way. It is quite plausible that in 10 years or less I will no longer be saying I am part of the Glasgow or Edinburgh art scene, but rather part of an art scene which comprises of a larger network of connected organisations no longer defined by the boundaries of physicality but by the localised interests of a global catchment. I feel this kind of model would allow artists the opportunity to develop and reclaim locally meaningful work in a virtual networked environment.

David Mcallister, Invisibleknowledge

In 2010 Manufactured by Invisibleknowledge was created forming a new creative platform to produce, show, collaborate and distribute art, again with the intention of communicating in a more independent and direct way with a wider audience but without the same boundaries of physicality. Invisibleknowledge aims to build a wider network around this platform communicating with people both in the physical and non physical world.

Manufactured by invisibleknowledge symbolises an enhanced understanding of what Invisibleknowledge is about and a maturity of the required skill sets to achieve this.

Invisibleknowledge is based at the Edinburgh Sculpture workshops, Scotland and is the platform from which David McAllister uses to show his artwork.

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